Is Marvel Studios “Celebrating Movies” just for the fun of it?

Marvel Studios
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This May 3rd saw the surprising release of what can only be described by most as “the compilation of teaser trailers with a pinch of new announcements that Marvel Studios needed to make in order to stay relevant in the cinematic realm”, or something like that. Truth be told, Marvel is not going anywhere and everyone knows that. “WandaVision” and “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” were solid new incursions into the world of tv shows and even though Black Widow was due more than one year ago, it still promises to be a summer blockbuster heavy hitter. Still the question sticks, ¿Why so much support for movie theaters?

The answer is pure speculation. It could be argued that this marketing is just a facade to hype people out before dooming cinemas slowly by releasing all Marvel movies in Disney+ and not just “Black Widow”. However, there is one reason that may reinforce the possibility that this can also be a sicere statement; over saturation.

Angelina Jolie in “Eternals”

Even if the content comes at a steady pace, Disney has announced so much content for the following years that even their servers won’t be big enough. This could lead to the Netflix like wheel of up & down content availability, of which users are not really big fans. This consists of letting some of the content go periodically in order to make room for new content that arrives on the platform. This way, users can’t be sure what stays and what doesn’t, eventually rotting the reliability with which you look to trust the platform with your favorite content. Furthermore, the fact that Marvel movies have theatrical releases would really mark a difference between their other content (Marvel related or not) as well as a difference between the many competitors that are inclined towards the home release format. 

It’s definitely too soon to say, but (even if it’s a bit naive) I can admit that the music, editing and use of the audience reaction of one of the biggest theater experiences of all time does give me a bit of nostalgia for those big extravaganzas that Marvel used to bring us so often. ¿Will it ever like it used to? It really doesn’t matter as long as we enjoy ourselves and meet again in the movies.

Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings

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