Cronenberg comes back and he brings company!

One of the greatest cinematic duos is back!

David Cronenberg
Crimes of the Future

Right after an underwhelming Oscars event, some hype news (at least for film buffs) hit the internet pretty hard. The Canadian author, David Cronenberg arrived in Europe to shoot his new film “Crimes of the Future” with the one and only Viggo Mortensen. Let’s dissect why this is indeed a reason for cinema lovers to smile widely.  

Firstly, we must remember that Cronenberg has a great track record mixing the science fiction elements of his films with the postmodern notions of celebrated authors like Fredric Jameson. The result usually derives in an automatic addition to that robust list of films that on the surface entertain and shock (mostly because gore element tends to make an appearance) but on a deeper level manage to awaken a notion of the uncomfortable truth about being part of a multinational system that we usually don’t fully understand. Just like he demonstrated when he presented the short film “Camera” in the year 2000, the horror element of any film can be purely psychological and personal; in fact it can be so ephemeral that not even critics will perceive it as such. Even though Cronenberg rose to popularity with very explicit films like “Scanners” or “The Fly”, many would argue that later films like “Existenz”, “Cosmopolis” or even “Map to the stars” retain those horrific elements. The big difference is that the body-horror is now transferred away from the human flesh and into the air that surrounds them; into the capitalist system that involves them and that absolutely no one escapes. I would argue that most characters aren’t even aware of it, now that is frightening!

The other big reason for excitement resides in the fact that Viggo Mortenesen is a part of the cast. Cronenberg has worked with renowned actors like Jeff Goldblum, Jeremy Irons, Jude Law or Julianne Moore; among others. However most of the cases were a one time collaboration. Robert Pattinson participated in both “Cosmopolis” and “Map to the Stars” making him a two time collaborator. And this brings us back to Viggo Mortensen, who has created a small repertoire of memorable characters with David Cronenberg. Both artist have tackled in conjunction “A History of Violence”, giving life to a lesser known graphic novel that became a cult classic, “Eastern Promises”, where Viggo inhabits that skin of a family thug of the russian organized crime and lastly; “A Dangerous Method” in which together (David and Viggo) bring the historic Freud into the big screen. 

All of these movies serve to map out the simple fact that when they collaborate we cannot predict the nature of the final product that will emerge for us; the audience. This is ultimately what makes this particular piece of information so interesting. A science fiction feature, that will involve crime and Viggo Mortenesen. We have some pieces of a puzzle that will be complete once we sit in front of a screen hopefully inside a movie theater. 


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