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Director / Film Editor
Kévin Payet
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Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Photographer
Fashion Films & Music Videos
A great body of work doing quality productions for many clients and with great collaborators.
Committed Films
"INSU" a 2021 short film & “LA NUIT MANGE LE JOUR” my first feature film.
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I am native from Reunion Island that specializes in directing, producing and editing although I love to handle camera work from time to time as well. Based today in Montpellier, Southern France; I happily travel abroad for my projects which have included web-series, various short films, music videos and a feature film.

A career made by self-learned lessons & evolution.

 I have always dreamt of becoming a film director, for as far as I can remember. I started my career back in 2015, when I founded my very first production company. I gained experience with the creation of a comedy web-series and various short films. Then everything took a special turn when I met my partner, Charlotte (she had just graduated from ArtFx and was freshly starting her career as a young producer). In early 2018, we created our own production company together. I found self-fulfillment working as a professional film director, scriptwriter, producer and editor.

Kévin Payet Portfolio

I happen to be self-taught and I strongly believe in an efficient learning process with two main ingredients : practicing, and telling myself I will never stop learning and evolving. This philosophy has led me to multiple nominations and prizes in international film festivals for my work in both music videos and fiction contents.

My jobs so far are mostly corporate materials, beauty / fashion films and event recordings. I am happy my clients hire me as a director even for simpler concepts or video making needs, since they acknowledge my ability to inject a coherent artistic direction, rhythm and a specific identity to each of my videos.

Since 2018, I have been directing music videos which became more and more oriented towards aspects of society that touch me or affect me personally. My music video “ENDLESS”, currently distributed internationally, is a good example since it depicts an abusive relationship in a single shot. This natural impulse to deal with such subjects, pushed me to write and direct two committed films between 2020 and 2021.

The two main projects I have had the pleasure to lead alongside my associates are both committed films tackling social topics or issues, deeply anchored in our modern reality.

Kévin Videoclip “TRAFIC”

”INSU” is a 2021, 30 minutes short film for which I took on the roles of screenwriter, director and editor. This project denounces the abuse of power over young models in the world of photography, and addresses the themes of consent, harassment and the right to dispose of one’s body. Its producer and I are currently using this project as an awareness tool.

Secondly, “LA NUIT MANGE LE JOUR” is my very first feature film which entered post-production phase in March 2021. This fascinating project I’m co-directing is adapted from the 2017 eponymous graphic novel by Hubert & Burckel. It tackles the themes of obsession, transformation and SM relationships and had a deep impact on the way I work and depict relationships on screen.

I’d like to hightlight that, as I keep evolving alongside my partner Charlotte, it has become our trademark to work with kindness, with carefully composed teams and in a space conducive to creativity. We have been attending Cannes Film Festival as professionals from the industry for three years now and we are looking forward to share all our productions as well as leading new creative projects.

My software skills
My work as a film editor allows me to optimize filming sessions since I can easily project myself into post-production.
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Ilustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Da Vinci Resolve
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Management & Post Production

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