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Michelle Pedersen is a young detective who is working on a weapon’s smuggling case and one day she receives important information by a colleague Farhad Kazami that a shipment is arriving at a closed garage area but when Michelle arrives, she is shot multiple times in a shootout and bullets hit her hip that fractures her pelvic bones leaving her legs paralyzed.
The Wheelchair And The Trap

How did you get the idea for the film?

I use a wheelchair my self for travelling because I have a rare genetic deases (AAA Synrome) which mean I am not fyssically strong and can’t walk for long time. I have a few friends who sit in a wheelchair as well so I thought to write a fiction out of it and I wanted to be a police officer but that will never happen. So, mostly like this film The Wheelchair And The Trap and many other films are based in the police and crime universe. My two fiction-crime books are also in the same genre. This film was little hard to write because of the charcter developent and the twists and I didn’t want the story to be so easy to understand. So, I think it turned out well. But there are still room for betterment.

How was the work with the actors? Was there a special technique for rehearsals?

I know most of the actors and actresses from films I have made and networked with so, it was easy working with them. They are great and have great potentional. There were no rehearsals because I knew they could pull it off when i say “Action”. Everyone did so well on the charcters they have in the film and the actress Theresa Søvig Poulsen who plays the lead is nominated four times for best actress and the lead actor Edwin Barandarou is also nominated for best actor one time. I and everyone are amazed by it. The only rehearsal was before the takes on set when the actors needed to say their lines.

“The Wheelchair And The Trap” is a very interesting work. What would you say are the most important aspects to take into account for a Director in a shooting?

Thank you for the kind words about the film, I think after annalysing the film. It could be more better but it is interesting to the audience that’s what matters right now. Any director at any stage no matter if you are a amature, indie or professional you need a good story-line and you need to know what you want in the film. I have made many mistakes as a dirctor and filmmaker but I annalysed my mistakes, reseached on old and new movies and fixed my mistakes. That’s why I think The Wheelchair And The Trap has turned out so well.

What does cinema mean to you and how present is in your life?

Cinema is my life, since i was a little boy my dad and I went to the cinemas every weekend and saw movies. We still do whenever we get time and it’s great but, the streaming sties like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and many others are ruining the joy of cinema and cinematic experince of major blockbusters films. I have nothing against the streaming sites but some films which are big budget films don’t come in the cinema so it is very sad. Cinema gives everyone every emotion in life and this is the greatness of cinema.

What directors or writers have been your influences and why?

Many directors because I watch all kinds of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, and Danish cinema. If i write all the names then the article is going to be very, very long. Hehe. But it is for sure from Hollywood Martin Sorceress, Tony Scott, Todd Philips. From Denmark it is Thomas Winterberg and Sussane Bier. From Pakistan it is Kamal Khan and Saqib Malik From Bollywood it is Karen Johar.

And finally, what plans do you have in mind for your professional future?

Right now I work full-time as a reporter, anchor and camera man at a local television station Tv-Glad Esbjerg. In my spare-time i write, direct and produce indie short films. I hope one day to become a full professional writer and dictor for films and tv series. Right now my seventh film Jessica: Part Two (2020) is also sent to many festivals and it has also receved a great start at the festival run. This year (2020) has been a great film year for me with two great movies, I took a short break but now I am concentrating on getting my first feature film ready. The goal for me is clear, full-time writer, director. I hope this sentece is not used from any writer but i truely belive “Filmmaking is not money making, it is art, passion and love for the cinema”.


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