Wonder Woman 1984 – Be careful what you wish for…

Wonder Woman 1984
Warner Bors. Pictures & DC

It has been more than a year since the release of “Spider-man: Far from Home”, the last live-action mainstream superhero movie of 2019. And with the help of Covid-19, the arrival of our favorite amazon warrior was delayed for over six months, until Warner Bros. and HBO got together to ensure that everyone (with access to HBO Max) could experience this film in their christmas filled home. Unfortunately for us, Diana and her new challenges fail to bring back the enthusiasm and thrills we were all wishing for.    

The movie is set in the vibrant 1980’s and, after a well executed but ultimately unnecessary opening flashback of Diana’s childhood in Themyscira,  we get introduced to a shopping mall scene that shows us how Diana has been secretly saving the day in the big city. This scene is the example of how well this movie works with light-hearted, campy action set pieces to remind the viewers that Gal Gadot is actually a great fit for the role of Diana Prince. However, the action choreography is far from impressive and is from this point onwards that the movie starts to show one of its biggest problems; the pacing.

While the returning director Patty Jenkins definitely has beautiful intentions in regards to character development, the excessive runtime ends up hurting the final cut which goes from an exciting first 20ish minutes to a slow and mostly uninteresting midsection and finally, an  eye rolling third act that does not really pay off in almost any way and commits some of the same glaring mistakes the first film was accused of with the Hades “boss battle”. Moreover, as much as the rhythm of the film struggles with the “mystery” Diana is trying to solve, its biggest hindrance rests in the introduction of Barbara Minerva and Maxwell Lord.

Both new characters portrayed by Kristen WIg and Pedro Pascal, steal a significant amount of the screen time and are usually a delight to watch, especially Pascals over the top moments. Nevertheless, by the time the credits roll, none of the characters (not even the heroine herself) are able to pull off a genuinely interesting arc. The lack of script depth becomes painfully evident and it is only emphasized by the impressive and increasing lack of logic during the progression of the movie.

I believe there is a nice story with a thematic thread that leads to a final heartwarming message intended for the audiences. Sadly that is hidden below an overwhelmingly long and boring film, with a messy plot, outdated character cliches and very little entertainment value.

 “…everything has a price, one I´m not willing to pay”.

Wonder Woman 1984
Wonder Woman 1984 – Be careful what you wish for…
Wonder Woman 1984 presents itself as a fun adventurous superhero movie that runs out of steam in nearly 20 minutes; leaving the audience with a dragging extra 2 hours of mediocre film. Even though the film makes almost no effort to pace the plot in a meaningful or even logical way, fun performances from Kristen WIg and especially Pedro Pascal make the film tolerable until the final act. Patty Jenkin´s intentions are visible but sadly the negatives outweigh the positives by a large margin.

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