Top 5 Recommended Films of 2020

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The Trail of the Chicago 7

This film is based on true events and anchored by an ensemble cast of amazing talents that deliver great performances, with Mark Rylance and Sacha Baron Cohen stealing almost every scene they are in. On top of that, the cinematography, score and editing help greatly to elevate the real star of this movie; Aaron Sorkin. With a sharp directing eye Sorkin brings to Netflix an excellent screenplay that is worthy of praise, grabbing the audience and never letting go till the end credits. With some twists and turns, this delivers one of the most entertaining pieces of media of 2020.

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An understated, yet riveting tale of a Korean family that tries to fulfill the idolized “american dream” by getting their own farm and having a nice family life. Every single aspect of this movie depicts a profound understanding of how to capture the positives and negatives of a day to day crisis inside a family. The emotions evoked by everyone involved in this project reach the audience effectively in every single scene without the need of breaking into big crying and shouting competitions. It escapes cliches and manages to communicate a handful of sincere emotions, breaking through cultural barriers in general. 

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This might not seem fair, but I don’t really care. Hamilton is a musical play that was shot with and without an audience while the original cast was still performing it. This could simply be a one shot documentation of a famous play; but thanks to some sharp editing, some incredible performances, a beautiful screenplay and the outstanding staging Disney Plus brought a piece of living theater to each new subscriber in this 2020.

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The Invisible Man

This film makes the top 5 list not only because it’s a fun, well executed psychological thriller but because it is a remake that is worth the update. This new version explores the trauma of extremely toxic relationships (a very concerning subject that haunts most societies today) to the point where it makes the characters doubt on what is actually happening without falling into the genre trope but a genuine concern for the mental health of the protagonist. Elizabeth Moss sustains almost the entire movie with her magnetic performance and elevates every decision made by Leigh Wannhell as a director and screenwriter. Also, this is the last movie I saw in theaters till today and that makes it a bit more special.

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I’m Thinking of Ending Things

What the hell is this? Whatever it is, I can’t stop watching! This was my experience when I first encountered the newest effort by Charlie Kaufman to show us through Netflix how deep can the human mind sink and get lost within itself. The movie is able to generate intrigue, suspense and even some scares with a narrative that is sustained with amazing performances (shout out to Tony Colette) and more importantly by the medium itself. The way Kaufman repurposes the uses of camera angles, continuity mistakes, fourth wall breaking and even sound design is astonishing. This is an experience that is made possible only through the tools and methods that the 7th art offers. The only negative is the fact that we could not witness it on the big screen.

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