Review of new pixar film “Soul”

Directed by Pete Docter
1 hr 40 min
Animation / Adventure
Jamie Foxx Tina Fey
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In the Christmas of 2020 came one of the most anticipated releases by Disney fans and even more of Pixar as it is a film by the same director of “Up”, “Monsters Inc.” and “Inside Out”, Pete Docter. One by seeing that it was the mind behind these classics that made us move and laugh, but above all spend in handkerchiefs for their scenes so emotional.

I thought I was going to cry watching Soul, because of what I mentioned earlier and because those who recommended it said “You have to see it, you don’t know how I cried” (a phrase I also repudiate), I don’t want to add that several film influencers and influencers have done the same so as not to generate controversy, but I am doing it. Soul is not a movie to weep like a lot of people did. Its director didn’t generate what his previous movies did to me, but this doesn’t mean it’s a horrible movie.

This movie made me laugh, it opened my head in many things about life and death, just because it didn’t make me cry doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. Soul is beautifully designed and original in the sense of animation, it explores a new culture that no other Pixar film has done, which is jazz, telling it from a music teacher’s point of view; and the nice thing about this story is that it would have looked good under anyone else who shows that they are pursuing their dreams. Also, because the film revolves around jazz, it has an incredible soundtrack.

The way in which the forms of the animations are presented with an abstract and amorphous style in the case of the counselors and the souls were totally original and beautiful, I would never have thought of it and I fell in love.

I was very attracted to Soul because it is a children’s film, but for adults. Perhaps for a little one I don’t think understands 100% all the themes, but it is a good tool for children to understand a little bit about what happens before and after life. I’m not going to leave out the most important thing, which is always to pursue one’s own dreams and not those projected by others, even if it’s not what we thought, because it can be a bridge to what we really love.

I insist that “Soul” did not have as much drama as “Up” or any previous Docter movie and that it is perfect that it does. This leads me to reflect and say that movies should simply be watched because it is our desire and not because of someone’s influence. (by this I am not saying that if you got excited to the core it is wrong)

This movie is ideal to watch with the family, you can find it in the Disney+ platform, prepare some delicious popcorn and then stay talking about life.

Review of new pixar film “Soul”
Exciting and Irreverent!
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