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Robin Doe
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University of London
I studied art and illustration for 5 years
Coca-Cola Branding
One of my first jobs was for Coca-Cola Brazil, where I did all the advertising animation.
California School of Art
I have a Master in Drawing and Writing in Character Development Techniques
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I am a specialist in 2d animation and VFX for cinema and audiovisual content. I have been working in the film industry for more than 15 years and I have a long history of work done for different brands, companies and film projects.

My career made my creations

I started as a child illustrating all kinds of characters, then when I grew up I started animating using the stopmotion technique until I focused on 2d animation using my illustrations.

My portfolio ranges from motion graphics content to animated short films entirely illustrated by me. I generally use the technique in which I work with illustrator and afeter effects in an integrated way to have the best desired results.

I have worked for several years in different production companies, but what I like to do the most now is have projects that come directly from my studio so that I can concentrate on it and get the best out of myself as an artist and visual interpreter.

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Alice Doe Portfolio

I have made video clips for bands such as The Paladines or Jet Plan in which I put all my ideas at the service to be able to carry out simple or complex projects, but finally achieved for the musical concept of the band.

I have developed working methods for communication flows to be efficient in terms of cost and time for my clients.

At this moment I am developing the landscape design for a video game that will be made in Unity.

I am also in the middle of running a feature film made entirely in Blender. As a plus I am constantly training to continue learning and updating myself in everything that is animation and rendering software.

Alice Doe Videoclip

I have my own studio in California, but I work for projects around the world, so I am always interested in being open to new directions and places and meeting new people with whom to work in creative and inspiring environments.

My software skills
I have great flexibility when it comes to participating in VFX or animation projects, do not hesitate to ask my Press & news user for any questions!
Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Ilustrator
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